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Zoosk dating site - Casual hookup chat lines

More Email Features: Another area that coins can be used is to send special delivery emails which bring extra attention to your email message the next time they log in.

There are other options, though, for getting your hands on Zoosk coins.Here are some of the ways you can earn coins: In addition to these ways of earning Zoosk coins, you can also earn coins by completing surveys or signing up for certain services such as getting a free credit report, signing up for a credit card and so on.As you can imagine, many of these services are not things that you would be interested in signing up for.However, if you are already interested in getting a credit card and can earn 500 free coins in the process it does become a win-win situation.In the past, Zoosk has changed how people can use their coins and they may do so again in the future.In December 2012, Zoosk launched #Heart Friend, building on the idea of a woman having a conversation with her heart.

Zoosk leveraged You Tube's True View in-stream ads, which allowed audiences to skip the ad after 5 seconds, and You Tube's standard in-stream ads, which forced audiences to view the entire ad.For instance, Zoosk deliberately points its audience to their You Tube videos rather than their sign-up page."It's a little optimistic to expect people to sign up after a 30 second ad.Compared to the control group, exposure to the True View or standard in-stream ad led to: With True View specifically, Jane notes, "we realized that we didn't actually have to force the views; people were choosing to watch the ad anyways." With its compelling made-for-digital creative, the #Heart Friend campaign even boosted organic views on Zoosk's You Tube channel, with non-advertising views from December 2012 - January 2013 multiplying to 6x the number of views Zoosk had obtained between December 2011 - January 2012.Later in 2013, Zoosk put another ad out, titled #Mountain Man.With You Tube, Zoosk placed their audience at the heart of their campaign, gave them the authority to choose their ads, and conducted deeper conversations with them through Zoosk's You Tube channel.

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