Youtube not updating

19-Oct-2014 02:54 by 2 Comments

Youtube not updating - Chatear con maduras gratis

You can help by reporting the issue directly to Samsung.To do so, please go into your TV's Menu, then Support Contact Samsung. You may have experienced general performance or stability problems with the You Tube app on your Samsung TV.

Turn your Roku back on by plugging in the power cable, and you’ll be able to access the You Tube app.

If your problem is listed below, we're aware of the issue and are working to fix it as soon as possible.

If your problem isn't listed below, learn how you can report an issue.

You can still subscribe to RSS feeds for You Tube channels and subscriptions.

Many RSS readers, including Feedly, Inoreader, and News Blur, have already migrated existing You Tube feeds to their new versions.

Maybe someone from Sony could provide the answer to fix the problem.

Have only had this phone since the 1st October 2015.This issue also affects You Tube and Blogger publishers who want to associate their You Tube channel or Blogger account with Ad Sense.We recommend using the same Google Account for Ad Sense that you use with You Tube or Blogger.Imagine if like a power You Tube user, you too are subscribed to more than 200 channels and follow them on your subscriptions feed.This could get really annoying knowing that you probably have missed those videos forever as you practically cannot visit 200 channels to check what they might or might not have uploaded.In the watch page, the actual comments loading on the page is the accurate number.

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