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"My husband and I didn't find each other until I was 38 and he was 37," says Hemenway, who lives in the Washington, D.

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"You've got to be a little nuts to want it in the first place, but if you do, it works out." Indeed, some doctors say they are reassured by the stability of older parents.Furthermore, the 60-year-old is likely to have more time to spend with a child, as well as more patience.Although the decision to have a child late in life may seem a difficult one to the outsider, the older parents themselves seem consistently optimistic, whatever the challenges."There are times that I get tired, but I think having Zoe has energized me," says Hemenway. My husband and I look at our daughter in awe, wondering, what would we have done without her?" What about the ethics of having children when you know you may not live to see the child's 30th birthday?They may not feel quite in sync with other moms." Older mothers may be going through menopause while taking care of an infant.

They don't bounce back from sleep deprivation or stress like they did in their 20s.And, says Duxbury, most older parents admit to an occasional sense of not quite fitting in.For her, it was the moment that someone assumed she was her daughter's grandmother.Philosophy professor Lawrence Hinman, Ph D, of the University of San Diego, who has written thoughtfully on the subject, points out that there's no reliable way to predict how long any parent -- whether 20 at the time of birth, or 40 -- will live. "People age at different rates," says Richard Paulsen, MD, of the University of Southern California fertility center.To balance the odds, though, some older parents say they make a conscious effort to surround their children with as much extended family as possible, including lots of younger people. And Hinman, an older parent himself, points out that a bookish 30-year-old parent may be less likely to get out on the soccer field with the kids than would a fit 60-year-old. At we will be able to give you the best porn experience on the web.