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Any combination of Parkinson’s-related symptoms like pain, limitation of movement, fatigue and sleep disorders — coupled with emotional changes such as anxiety and depression — as well as medication side effects can trigger sexual dysfunction.

[...] Tel Aviv Gay Pride - Tel Aviv city center Me'ir Garden, Tel Aviv Tel Aviv's Gay pride parade and party.

“Look at the death notices, at the initials of all of these women. ” Zionist Union Knesset member Merav Michaeli asked the crowd rhetorically at the demonstration. ” She said she would continue to pursue efforts to criminalize clients, as well as legislation to provide rehabilitation services for women who worked as prostitutes.

As demonstrators went to the building to post death notices and light memorial candles in Jessica’s memory, a man was escorting prostitutes to the second floor of the building.

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“You can sense or experience sexual problems throughout all stages of Parkinson’s, starting when the symptoms are only beginning,” Sharon said.

Many people with Parkinson’s have difficulty addressing their sexuality issues.

During the protest, Meretz party Knesset member Michal Rozin said she would call on State Comptroller Joseph Shapira to investigate why it had not been closed down.

Naomi Ze’evi-Rivlin, who directs the Saleet program for the rehabilitation of women who have worked as prostitutes, told that the protest was the first demonstration on behalf of such women in Israel.

“Jessica brought us onto the streets, if not during her lifetime then with her death,” she said, adding that Jessica’s was the 31st case of the death of a prostitute in Tel Aviv alone since Saleet was founded seven years ago, an average of a death every three months. "Women in prostitution are the punching bag of consumers, fulfilling momentary gratification and fantasies and perversions for which they would never dare ask at home." Some demonstrators carried signs saying “As long as a woman’s body can be bought, no woman is protected” and “All prostitution is rape.” Others carried signs with copies of death notices for Jessica and other women who died while working as prostitutes.

The death notices were printed by Atzum, a group fighting human trafficking.

“Sexual health is the fundamental right of each person to enjoy and control his/her sexual and reproductive behavior in accordance with social and personal ethics,” states the World Health Organization, 2004.