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They have seven major divisions, the Arbi, Bhatti, Khokhar, Goraha, Thaheem, Thaheem-Ansari and Suhal.The Punjabi Qassab claim descent from a number of Rajput tribes, such as the Bhatti or Khokhar, in which an ancestor is said to have taken up the occupation of butchering.

In Pakistan, the Qassab are found in the province of Punjab.

Apart from selling meats, they are also involved in the sale and purchase of animals, as well as trading in hides.

The Chikwa of Awadh are also involved in the selling of hides.

Each Qassab group has a different story as to their origin and migration.

For example, most Qassab in the Deccan region claim to have arrived with the armies of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb's invading armies.

In Bihar, the Qassab are a class of Muslim butchers, and are generally known as Qureshis.

They are found throughout Bihar, and are one of the few Bihari Muslim communities that speaks Urdu.

Most towns include distinct quarters where the community lives, such as Qureshnagar in Delhi.

The Anjuman Quresh is an India-wide association, and is the oldest Muslim communal organization.

They have two sub-divisions, the Barakasab, who slaughter cows and buffaloes, and Chhotakasab, who slaughter goats.

The Qassab have local caste associations, known as jamats, in each of their settlements, which deal with disputes within the community.

The Anjuman Quresh has a Bihar branch, which acts as a welfare association.