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Anger against immigrants, foreigners, religious minorities, women, and LGBTQ people has been allowed to flourish, and politicians are tapping into our basest emotions to carry them to power.

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I loved how respectful the whole crowd was — Friends of mine with disabilities were able to navigate a crowd of half a million!

“Five more colleges have applied to UGC for autonomous status.

On receiving official communication, we will start the inspection process,” said a senior university official.

Over the coming years, we will need to work hard to bring about change from grassroots up.

Our first test will come in 2018, when mid-term elections are held in the US.” For NRI and doctor Sangeeta Iyer, who was at the march that saw Madonna speak up, it was a moment of pride to see so many voices, “Since November 9, my hometown (DC) and the whole country has been in a bit of a funk.

Recently, two government colleges affiliated to BU had received autonomous status for the first time in the history of the university.

BU granted autonomous status to Government Science College and VHD Home Science College.Even the government first grade college, Vijaynagar had applied for the status a year ago, but it was delayed.The concept of granting autonomous status to individual colleges has been introduced to increase the quality of higher education.They chanted loudly that this is what democracy looks like, and that the president-elect works for them now.They wanted quality affordable health care, equity in salaries and benefits, that black lives matter, that their Muslim friends and colleagues should not be segregated, that our children need, not only better schools, but also clean air and water.As a mother, I owe it to my child to play even a small part to help make the world a better, safer place.

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