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Serinda Swan: It definitely has some of the ties from the last season, like you definitely find out a little bit more about the tape and things like that.The wonderful thing is because there are so many characters in the house and its very character-driven, it’s not just dun-dun-dun the tape!

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I think it’s going to stay a mystery until it becomes something big.Not only will we see some major romance for Paige this season – returns on Wednesday, June 11 @ 10PM on USA!Just Jared.com: First things first, how would you characterize the second season compared from the first?JJ: Is there distrust for Briggs now or is everything back to normal?SS: Yeah, there’s a mixture, I think people are kind of weary, but he did such a good job with the tape disappearing there’s nothing we can really do about it.Yeah, no we understand why he did it; he kind of makes amends for it. One of the most amazing things is, if you know a little bit about my personal causes I fight a lot with sex trafficking, we do a lot of work in South East Asia and also North America.

I think Paige sort of has her boyfriend glasses on. So last year I was talking to Jeff [Eastin] and some of the writers.So for me, it’s like every day I go to work and I’m so excited.It’s one of the best things because we get to bring this obviously horrific situation to life, but I get to do it through such a fun storytelling way.We had a couple people on the set the other day, and I showed up with a black eye and scrapes all over me and I was like “Sorry, there’s no pictures right?Because this might not look so good.” But yeah, you get to see a lot more of who she is, a lot more of her skill set and what makes her one of the best DEA agents around.So I sat down with Jeff, I was like, “One of the main things is that girls get smuggled using drugs and then sometimes they get sold or whatever it is and there are many, many different stories of them coming into the U. because there are over 100 thousand of them right now in the US.” And I was like, “If there is some way we can find a storyline or even just a mention and somehow bring this to light and use the show as a platform for something we can let people know about,” – and they said yes!