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Her first album — appropriately titled “Debut” — was recorded when she was 10 years old, and released in 1992.The cover of that album features the young violinist in a bright red dress, standing in front of three adult men in black tuxedos and white dress shirts.

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Chang was only a few years older, 14, when she gave her first concert in Davis, in the fall of 1995 at Freeborn Hall.In the 1940s, the pianist Dame Myra Hess always wore a plain black dress for her concerts.The late Rosalyn Tureck, famed for her Bach, was not amused when a press photographer captured an image of her, in her twenties, focusing on her legs. Chang, 28, adores high fashion and heels, but insists that her concert clothes shouldn't be a distraction.I've met female would-be soloists whose hopes of concert engagements following auditions have been dashed when they refused to do certain things beyond playing the music.And I've heard interpretations of great concertos by a few well-established women who look fabulous and whose images have been plastered over every music magazine, yet whose questionable musicianship has left me infuriated.Female singers can get away with being overweight – a spare tyre supports the voice.

But when did you last see in the world's top concert halls a woman violin soloist plumper than a size 10, or a bat-winged female pianist over the age of 60?

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Yet some of today's greatest musicians are seriously unphotogenic men.

Grigory Sokolov, among the finest pianists on earth, is like a Siberian bear. Would women with the equivalent in talent and looks have had the same opportunities to shine? Some female musicians might have poorer careers if it were not for their physical beauty.

Equally iniquitous is that some of the stuffier critics seem to automatically take against glamorously dressed female soloists.

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