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Who is jennifer beals dating - dating a bigger woman

some lesbian women get thrown into the straight world especially after they have kids.She felt that since Tina’s history was that she had been engaged to a man when she met Bette, that possibly she was bisexual.

There’s a great exploration in this season of her career, and also of the movie industry, and she’s now actively a part of it.And once she starts to grow, Bette finds her more attractive, too.Do you feel at this point she is her own person in a relationship? I think the character’s grown up a lot, it’s been a nice arch. In some ways Bette’s learned how to be less controlling and not to be so dominating. Tina’s learned to speak her mind by being away from Bette and not always being so Beta.Completely She starts season five and she definitely doesn’t like dating. I think that these women would have stayed in a very unhappy marriage if they had stayed in their roles. It was really lonely place for her and I think there were some characters that she thought would be more sympathetic, some characters that claimed to be bisexual that weren’t that sympathetic to her. I think in some ways there are a lot of really great new characters for fifth season, but it’s kind of pulled back a little more back to the original group. And it’s a well I feel like fifth season is going to be one of our best seasons.You got to touch on what can happen to a bisexual woman who’s been in the lesbian community and then finds herself in a relationship with a man. One of the great things was Shane was the least judgmental but then Jenny, who was sort of the newbie, was the harshest on her. It’s a television show and they don’t want to deal with the darkness too much and I felt like Alice would be mentioning her more. I can’t give away too much storyline, but we do address the loss of Dana. The friendships are really explored and I think the friendships are the real base for us. When Bette and Tina started to become friends, there’s something really great about being able to play that—just to show that these women can behave in a much more pleasant way. My daughter was at preschool this summer in Canada.Sometimes she behaves horribly, too which I kind of enjoyed playing.

[Before] she never got anything done because she lived too clean. And now she’s playing the Hollywood game and she’s getting what she wants. Season four, the relationship with Henry wasn’t explored so you never really saw why she went there and all of a sudden you see a lot of feelings for Bette come back … It was as if it was something she had to get out of her system because it was the only way she was going to grow.I don’t know if Tina’s so much the pursuer but she gets out there she definitely gets out there. Other queer women see that you don’t have to actually define yourself but doing so lets people know there are so many different ways you could be and still be part of this queer world. My mom actually met the woman I dated after I shot the movie. I’ve definitely been in the middle of interviews where I can’t believe I’m being asked the same things again and there’s just no creativity. are you worried what’s going to happen to your career? Is that part of her like again coming into her power after this last year just a natural extension? I think she really needs to feel a very genuine and intense connection. I just feel like when you fall in love you can’t help who you fall in love with. People unconsciously behave that way whether they go to therapy and go, “wow, why did I do that” but [for] me as an actor it is more interesting to play. In all partnerships money’s always the something that can make people not behave it’s like … The one who works so hard can be bitter because they don’t want to work so hard. Which is nothing; she doesn’t even love him and it’s just bad behavior I guess. One thing that’s fun about our show is that we get to play very heightened situations. But that major soul mate, that biggy, I don’t know. Like the love of your family or the love of like just a lover? I thought, I can’t say I’m straight anymore, that would just be a lie. And I don’t feel anyone in our cast feels that way.I think that I was really read to make her not so … And the one who stays at home with the kids might be restless because they want to do something creative. I looked for other relationships with women and they didn’t happen. You kind of just want to say, “What world are you living in?But part of what I found really interesting is what Ilene said is that it’s interesting when you look at Tina when she actually was with Henry. And in some ways she ends up with a guy, and she kind of fleshes out some of the things she needed to get done, like she needed to feel good about her career, where she was going and her parenting.

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