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He has often stated that he regretted taking the role, because he felt it distracted him from his music career.

OLOIZIA: It sounds like you're writing with more confidence. And immediately, it was just like, "That's the thing!

All smolder and solemnity in her previous gig, the songstress has since traded her muted wardrobe and mysterious stage presence for an assortment of colorful dresses and equally sunny tunes. You know, I think that those things can be quite interesting. I wouldn't have been comfortable in the Damien crew to have a documentary. Whereas with your second one, people are generally a bit more, you know, "I've moved on." But I wasn't trying to think like that. And I really wanted to get ten songs together that I felt were strong and cohesive and lyrically interesting, and not have any dips.

Touring in support of her new record, , Hannigan was in a fittingly cheery mood as she sat down with us over pie and tea—seriously! I think the first one, I was very aware of people listening to it, or rather the people in the future that might be listening to it. It was just purely a selfish endeavor, which it has to be. OLOIZIA: Your friend Glen [Hansard] has a documentary coming out about his music and his relationship with [ex-girlfriend] Marketa Irglova. Obviously, everyone will have a dip in a record, but for me, I like all the songs, so I'm sort of pleased when they come up on the setlist. HANNIGAN: I met him a couple times with Damien at various things, and he's such a lovely man.

LISA HANNIGAN The past five years have been ones of great change for Lisa Hannigan. I was reading a lot of the recent press, and you just might be the most liked person on the web. [I try not to look at comments, because everyone says such awful things.

Once a bandmate of fellow Irishman Damien Rice, Hannigan was unceremoniously fired by her former beau in 2007, an abrupt shift that spawned a now blossoming solo career. OLOIZIA: Do you think there was added pressure in writing and recording a new album because of how well your debut was received? I think it always is the way with your first thing, people are like, "Oh, well done, you." [There's a certain element of that to it.

That level of making it is, you know - I have fully made it.

I'm getting to play gigs here, and that's all I ever wanted to do. I mean it was his thing; he wrote the songs, of course.That's what I wanted it to sound like." OLOIZIA: I'd imagine you were pleased with the way it turned out. It was funny—I sort of expected his voice to be much more, sort of, strong and gravelly.I hope I continue to do that and maybe play different shows and play for longer and in more towns, but I don't know what you want more than that thing, to be able to play music in front of people.I think you'd be very dissatisfied, because what else is there that isn't just gravy? "It was a very necessary part of our friendship but I think we both concluded that that wasn't what we really wanted to do.

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