Who is dwyane wade dating 2016

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Who is dwyane wade dating 2016 - ruby and romeo dating in real life 2016

“The fact that they’re now Eskimo sisters is pretty overwhelming,” continued the source, alleging that Rihanna is feeling pretty “jealous” by the swirling dating rumors surrounding Jennifer and Drake ever since they snapped a selfie together last week.

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In exchange , the Clippers will get Amir Johnson, Marcus Smart, Jae Crowder and a future 1st round draft pick.

A rumor pointed out that the Heat has a new strategy in lieu of Bosh's and Wade's absence; they will surround their top center Hassan Whiteside with shooters.

Rudy Gay is definitely a shooter, and a trade for him will work well with their new strategy.

Drake is reportedly feeling the heat from ex-girlfriend Rihanna as rumors swirl that the rapper is moving on from their romance with Jennifer Lopez after sources claimed that Rihanna slammed her ex as a “jerk” in the wake of their October breakup.

According to a new report by , as rumors swirl that Drake has been getting close with Lopez recently, Rihanna is supposedly “really freaked out” by the idea that Drake could soon start dating Jennifer and supposedly doesn’t want to see the rapper move on with another woman, despite Rihanna and Drake calling off their romance in October.

Then, Marcus Smart will be traded to the Sixers in exchange for Nerlens Noel.

ESPN Trade Machine approves this trading scenario, although it is definitely a league-changing trade if it pushes through, which is frankly not very likely to occur.

“[Drake] couldn’t stop complimenting her, hugging her and you already know he was checking out her banging body from head-to-toe,” a source said of Rihanna’s ex’s recent interaction with Lopez.

“He was being typical Drake, trying to make [Jennifer] fall in love with him on sight.” What do you think of reports claiming that Rihanna is allegedly growing “jealous” of Drake’s supposed plans to start dating Jennifer Lopez?

Rudy Gay averaged 17.2 points, 6.5 rebounds and 1.7 assists per game last season. Jimmy Butler to the Los Angeles Lakers A recent rumor says that Jimmy Butler will be heading to the Los Angeles Lakers in a 3-way trade involving the Lakers, Bulls and Pelicans.

In particular, the Bulls will obtain Anthony Davis, New Orlean's star power forward, and the Pelicans will get Brandon Ingram, D'Angelo Russell, Jose Calderon of the Lakers and Nikola Mirotic and Bobby Portis of the Bulls.

“She can’t stand the thought of him being with another woman.” Notably, the Jennifer and Drake dating rumors come just months after Rihanna gifted Lopez a pair of ,000 boots from her recent collaboration with Milano Blahnik, even including a handwritten note to the former judge in which she claimed that Jennifer was “gonna wear them better than [her].” But while Rihanna has publicly stayed tight-lipped as rumors swirl that Jennifer Lopez and Drake could soon be dating, reports that Rihanna is supposedly starting to feel “jealous” come shortly after she allegedly slammed Drake as a “jerk” for how he handled their breakup.