Who is david duchovny dating

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For instance, while Anderson didn’t thank Duchovny at the 1997 Emmys, before she walked up onstage, she kissed him before she kissed her boyfriend.

A few years later, the conspiracy got a second wind when it was revealed that Duchovny and Anderson…were suddenly friends!

“We’re friendly.” The Internet is filled with similar quotes that have been dissected over time.

See Hit Fix’s comprehensive timeline of their “feud,” including video of the time Anderson didn’t thank Duchovny in her 1997 Emmy speech when she won best actress in a drama.

Long before David Duchovny and wife Tea Leoni divorced, there were whisperings of a romance between him and Anderson, but the stars went above and beyond to hide it.

Nowadays, they aren’t leaving much to the imagination.

For certain parts of “The X-Files” fandom, this question is a true enigma that has bubbled up over the years and now become a complete frenzy thanks to Fox’s “X-Files” reboot, which wraps up Monday night.

As much as Duchovny and Anderson appear to despise constant questions about whether they’re together, they stoke the flames with photos like this: So, how did Duchovny and Anderson become so scrutinized to the point where there are entire blogs and Pinterest boards devoted to their every interaction?

"We live five blocks away from each other," Duchovny told the mag.

This is no ordinary version of the typical situation where people casually wonder if two co-stars are secretly in love even as the pair strenuously denies (as Duchovny and Anderson have) that there is a romance.

X-Files’ Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny will most likely never confirm that they are dating or romantically involved.

But, these days, the X-Files co-stars do seem to be going to much shorter lengths to try and hide their alleged romance.

Oh, there’s more: Word about Duchovny’s official divorce from Leoni leaked out on Aug. To make things even more suspicious, Anderson had announced her split with her boyfriend two years prior…on Duchovny’s birthday. As you can imagine, this has only continued since news of “The X-Files” reboot surfaced and the two went on a very touchy-feely publicity tour. Still, they kissed onstage at a concert last year and recently appeared in a “Jimmy Kimmel Live” skit where they pretend to have sex on a desk.