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Fact: Major League Baseball players like girls and usually aren't Mensa-members on the intelligence scale. That's five years ago, in a society where relevance ebbs and flows by the tweet. If you can't succeed in a realty TV market where fighting over storage units and pawning stuff makes you a star, it's time to go away. That's the take of the populace, and it helps when there's an eccentric, Olympic-gold winning face and body to sell with it—like Misty.

By the time the salaciousness subsided, Sterger was damaged goods from a media perspective. She won't be finding herself on an NFL sideline anytime soon. Simpson and the rest of her family are far from their spotlight-commanding days and are living a more demure existence.S Women's National Team—never mind the Finals collapse.Solo was the main go-to in 2011, the one with enough sass, swagger and sex appeal to sell. It's a once-every-four-years thing, with very few exceptions.Take the For years, Finch had ownage on an entire sport.Ask anyone around you to name a softball player, and her name will pop up faster than the rise ball she used to tally strikeouts with around the world.Stokke's college career is over; she's no longer a pole vaulter at Cal, no longer available in a public forum for anybody with a DSLR to get their snap on. Look all you want: no interviews, and the same old pictures trotted out over and over again. Everything and everyone has its/their moment, and hers has long-since passed.

She never planned or wanted all this, and it's time to let go. She dated Sean Avery (who, at that point, wasn't yet completely insufferable), which officially made her a sports hottie. It's not fair, but her most relevant moment of recent note comes courtesy of Sean Avery and his ill-advised metaphors about dining.

She sang (badly), washed cars (well) and dated Tony Romo (this). Sure, the gossip blogs have plenty of Jessica's pregnancy, engagement and weight fluctuations, but it's not the same. The 'then" in this case can span a long, long time; Kournikova's hotness isn't going anywhere.

That's Jessica Simpson at her highest level of celebrity, when America latched onto her, apparently thirsty for more after she demonstrated her intelligence level with a can of tuna fish. And regardless of her abilities as an "artist" or the millions of people who blamed her for the Cowboys' woes, she was a sports hottie, pink-accented No. She's the sporty version of Halle Berry, Elizabeth Hurley and Kate Beckinsale. Still, there was a time when we couldn't get enough of this not-very-good-but-oh-so-sexy tennis star.

The series that was truncated into a "special."Yup, turns out we were done caring about Victoria years ago. At that point, Milano was at apex of her hotness, and it showed by bagging a trio of big-league pitchers. Yet, there's always plenty of zombies who will still tune in and click.

You know what else started to proliferate between 20? So the epidemic will continue, albeit with a little bit of a limp from the marriage publicity hit.

Plus, May-Treanor's hotness was more packaged and forced upon us than most. People all over this country go to great lengths to be discovered. She put on a bikini and went to Florida State games. We just couldn't get enough of this sun-kissed Seminole. The interception-throwing, Wrangler-hawking, never-retiring drama queen of a quarterback ruined Sterger for all of us.

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