Whm nameserver ips not updating

15-Aug-2016 13:19 by 3 Comments

Whm nameserver ips not updating

Until DNS is configured for your domain, pointed to the server, and the changes have propagated, you can use the IP address of the server instead of your domain.

There are several features in here that can be enabled and configured to help with maintaining the security of your server.

By default, the primary IP address of the server is set to be the Main Shared Virtual Host IP. However, we can change this to use a different IP address on the server if we wish.

WHM only allows one IP address to be shared per WHM user.

If you don't remember how you did this, please read our Private Name Servers - Setup article.

If you are new to WHM you may find yourself lost when trying to set up your server.

Most registrars will allow you to log into their website and update your name servers through their customer interface; however, many registrars do not have a method for you to update your name servers other than contacting them.

You may be able to figure it out by following the same steps you used to originally create the private name servers.

By default, the system is set to automatically update using the STABLE tree.

The BLEEDING EDGE tree can only be updated manually.

Accept the certificate and continue to the website.

You will likely see a warning concerning a missing hostname A record when you log in for the first time.

For accounts that you choose to grant shell access to, this option will make the default settings grant a jailed shell account instead of the normal shell account for that user.