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Hailing from a Tamil-Brahmin family, the woman works in a senior position in one of India’s most prestigious publishing firms.

As we sat down, I noticed she had two earrings on one ear and only one on the other, and she wore a polo shirt with a frank décolletage. I’m just afraid of some random guy trying to stalk me..cannot rule out such a thing in this country.” The woman, however, has uploaded her photos on her profile page on Okcupid.com, the dating website on which she initially interacts with potential dates.

The first question I asked the woman—which set us off on so many tangents—was “Why be faceless and nameless in the blog? Thousands of women date men, often different men—at least in our big cities. “I’m not ashamed,” the woman said, leaning over her plate of moussaka and garlic toast. Most people in my office know about my blog and they love it. One picture has her waving the Indian flag on a street in Frankfurt, Germany.

Waiting in the glass-walled restaurant, I saw her walking to my table in a pair of pink shorts.

Totally relaxed, she held my hand in a firm grip, and cheerily shook it.

“The goal after all,” she says in a cheekily written post, “is to see if there are 50 men I could go on one date with.” The woman met one more man on a Saturday afternoon recently at a restaurant in south Delhi’s Basant Lok Market. She wrote later: “As I’m walking past The Piano Man (restaurant), I look inside to see if I can see him.

There’s a guy sitting by himself at a table—white shirt, unruly hair, very very thin. He stands up and shakes my hand and invites me to sit.

This doesn’t stop him from expressing himself though, and he launches into a very engaged conversation with me about my whole project.

He leans forward and leaps onto details of what I say, always with more questions, which means we go on so many tangents that I think his first question is only fully answered after an hour”. The woman emailed me the above observations to show a sample of her anthropological analysis.

“They started to laugh and assured me that marriage would happen in time,” she said.

So far the woman has had only one serious relationship that began and ended in her late 20s.

He also had to be considerably tall (6ft was the ideal) and had to share her passion for Latin America.