What does intimidating mean

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What does intimidating mean - Cam with other people adult

Haha no, I lied, I would also like you to answer my question.Recently, as I was reflecting on my boy-repellant nature, I realized I've been given the same sort of excuse/explanation for this phenomenon a number of different times.

In the past friends of both genders have described me as " to anyone, I'm horrible at all sorts of athletics and I'm quite awkward and my brains are never really a factor in any of this.

Forceful body language can cover a whole lot of gestures, but I'd summarize the whole category as anything that appears to reject or objectify other people: waving dismissively in a dude's face, pointing at people, crossing your arms like you hate the stupid dumb world, shoving a boy down a manhole and going "PTTBHTBT" as he goes "nooooo!

" The opposite of this stuff is open body language—appearing welcoming, unconcerned, and friendly.

Knowing When to Act Adopting the Attitude Taking Action Community Q&A Being mean and intimidating all the time can be exhausting and won't help you make any friends.

However, there are times when it's absolutely necessary to scare people off a little bit and to assert yourself.

Well, I've mentioned before that I was so terrible at expressiveness in high school that I once tried to joke around with this guy and he responded like I was standing there licking a bowie knife. In fact, here's a study about how this kind of behavior communicates that you're a high-status person.

When you behave like everyone else is just a flabby obstacle to your greatness, it makes other people go "Wow, maybe I Lots of cultures have different standards for personal space, but generally, if your nose is touching someone's eyeball and he's holding up his hands plaintively and saying "Please don't hurt me," you are taking it too far.so i have heard some of my friends say they are intimidated when me and my best friend are together. They are my friends too that are intimidated by me! so what does it mean if your friends can sometimes be intimidated by you. So I think your articles are the best thing since hamster-sized pandas (okay not yet, but one day soon), and I only wish you would write more.eye contact, so the last thing I want to do is make you more self-conscious about it, but prolonged eye contact can definitely be misconstrued as a confrontational gesture.This is why they tell you not to stare at angry bears, although if you're the kind of person who attempts to stare down angry bears you should probably expect to be eaten.Browbeat suggests the persistent application of highhanded, disdainful, or imperious tactics: browbeating a witness.

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