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"The main goal is just to connect people with others to help people find their mate." Lindberg and Lozano will be touring marijuana industry trade shows, such as the Cannabis Cup in Denver, to market their dating site, but don't expect to see them in Missouri anytime soon.

My names Chad ,im extremely handsome, like really really ridiculously good looking."This is more about finding a mate, someone you actually click with." The site's motto points to its orientation toward long-term love: "Plant your seed and watch your love grow." Lindberg also says the site isn't about campaigning for marijuana legalization."Obviously, it's a community of people who support [legalizing marijuana], but the goal isn't to change any laws," Lindberg says.April 20th has become a counter-culture holiday where friends in US cities gather in groups to celebrate 420-friendly events, parties and festivals.They smoke weed, consume cannabis and have made it a national pot smoking day.One of the most common struggles I hear from couples is that they find themselves in a dating rut.

They’ve done the same combination of dates hundreds of times: movies, dining in or out, concerts, sporting events, outdoor recreational activities, Netflix binges.

Meet thousands of real singles from around the world who love marijuana and live the 420 lifestyle.

A majority of people who share the 420 lifestyle are aware that several US states allow individuals with certain health problems to buy or to grow a limited amount of marijuana for their own personal use.

"We are definitely keeping an eye out there for events we can take part in." To use My420Mate.com, sign up for a free profile on the website, and then download the app for i Phone or Android.

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But why do so many people in America get high on April 20th and what does 420 friendly mean?

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