Webalizer not updating

16-Mar-2014 04:38 by 5 Comments

Webalizer not updating

When I try to regenerate the report, it gives the following error: Running Webalizer to generate report from /var/log/virtualmin/mywebsite.com_access_log ..

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If you'd like to (for example) run the tally every 4 hours, you'd change it to:10 */4 * * * root echo 'action=tally&value=all' /usr/local/directadmin/data/task.queue One important thing to remember is that for very large servers, with upwards of 1000 domains, the tally can take a significantly long time to run (up to 2 hours), so if you run a large server, you may not want to run the tally too often.The Webalizer supports CLF (common log format) log files, as well as Combined log formats as defined by NCSA and others, and variations of these which it attempts to handle intelligently.In addition, the Webalizer supports xferlog formatted (FTP) log files, squid proxy logs and W3C extended format logs.A file named is searched for in the current directory, and if found, and is owned by the invoking user, then its configuration data is parsed.If the file is not present in the current directory, the file /etc/is searched for and, if found, is used instead.This brief tutorial will show you how to fix Webalizer not updating properly.

I have a website with access log set as access_log /var/log/virtualmin/mywebsite.com_access_log; when opening this file, I see it has the latest log record up to May 18th, 2014, today, but when I access webalizer from Virtualmin, the report only shows up to April 15th, 2014. When run as webazolver, only DNS file creation/updates are performed, and the program will exit once complete.All normal options and configuration directives are available, however many will not be used. If the number of DNS children processes to use are not specified, the webazolver will default to 5.This documentation applies to The Webalizer Version 2.20 The Webalizer was designed to be run from a Unix command line prompt or as a crond(8) job.Once executed, the general flow of the program is: A default configuration file is scanned for.Logs may also be compressed, via gzip (.gz) or, if enabled at compile time, bzip2 (.bz2).

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