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To her further disbelief, there was a second lengthy scene with a different limp body and a third with another apparently unconscious woman.

"No behavior in 38 years ever led anyone to believe that." People connected to the case have labeled Sera an extraordinarily smooth operator, a pathological liar and "pure evil." "He lied to just about everybody, and he fooled just about everybody," said Jack Pate, Sera's attorney.Police say they found the drug at the suspect's home.Sera, whose divorce became final last month, said she discovered Rohypnol pills and other sedatives in her husband's belongings four months before stumbling onto the tape."Depends how kinky they want to behave." No one would be arguing whether Sera is a misunderstood amateur pornographer if he hadn't left the tape in the camera."The victims wouldn't even know they'd been raped without the tape," said Joe Wray, the prosecuting attorney in far southeastern Arkansas, a state known for its strict penalties for rape.The former Irving resident is accused of drugging four victims in three states last fall with a powerful illegal sedative and videotaping three methodical rapes.

Sera has said he is guilty of nothing worse than bad judgment in taping a 32-year-old Colleyville woman, a 26-year-old Arkansas woman and his sister-in-law, 18, then a college freshman.

"Big Shot From Dallas' Barring delays, Sera's trial will start in March in the timber and tomato town of Warren, where townspeople are angry and incredulous about the "big shot from Dallas." Prosecutors hope to "stack" any prison terms against Sera with possible convictions in Tarrant County and Springfield, Mo. Nancy Sera wouldn't have seen any of it had she not gone back to her upscale Irving home June 13 to borrow the camera.

The women in the Texas and Missouri cases said they're too devastated to be interviewed. When she moved out April 1, she said, she was convinced her husband was having an affair.

"The prosecution will find it difficult to prove they took Rohypnol." On the tape, shown once to a reporter, the three women are virtually lifeless, each on a bed. He was arrested on the Tarrant County charge June 26 but paid a 0,000 cash bond the same day. The day before the scheduled trip, Sera was rearrested on the Arkansas charges after a divorce hearing in Dallas. Kirby didn't mention her brother's arrests but told a hesitant Pierce, "I wouldn't go, Bev." The morning of the trip, Pierce learned of Sera's arrests from a friend who had seen television coverage. In an odd footnote, Pierce received a call that night from a man identifying himself as Sera's security chief.

A naked, chubby Sera manipulates the bodies through a series of sexual acts, pausing regularly to move the camera. The women appear comatose most the time, but each makes groggy attempts to move. Within two weeks, he asked Beverly Pierce, a Lewisville woman who cut his hair, to fly to Mexico that weekend. "He said Steve got called out of town on a business emergency and he's sorry," Pierce said.

"He could talk a good game, and I'm sure that had a lot to do with where he is now." Sera also has a question, posed as an observer of his circumstances.

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