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Wall street dating models - updating subversion

She is the sort of woman who counts Government Ministers as friends and has dined at Chequers with Tony Blair.The 57-year-old has never spoken of her mother’s extraordinary association with Belfort – even to close family and friends – and it was only after Patricia’s death in 1994 that she and her sister Tiphanie, 54, a copywriter, learnt the truth: their mother, by all accounts a frugal woman, had a Swiss bank account containing hundreds of thousands of pounds.

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He employed more than 1,000 brokers whose job it was to ‘pump-and-dump’.

What if we were to actually contact her kids and get them involved?

What if we had them fly over to Switzerland and claim the money? I could have Randall [his ‘Master Forger’] draw up a new will, saying the money I’d loaned Patricia was to come back to me but all the profits were to go to her children.’That way, said his accountant ‘The Chef’, “You’ll get your original investment back, the kids will get a five-million-dollar windfall, and we can move on with our lives.” ’ Last night Belfort confirmed that Dame Julie and Tiphanie were kept completely in the dark.

In or around 1999, the two sisters returned all their mother’s money to the American authorities.

They did not profit from Belfort’s crimes and, according to family members, neither did Patricia who, in truth, was yet another of Belfort’s victims.

'She was a very smart lady': Belfort told the Mail On Sunday in an interview that Patricia Mellor knew she was helping him to avoid taxes, but she had no idea that the money he was making was scammed from investors There is no record of Patricia leaving a will in this country so it’s impossible to know the value of her assets at the time of her death, but a source close to the investigation has confirmed it was hundreds of thousands of pounds. ‘The lawyers for the daughters were careful to make sure the agreement was compliant with the Inland Revenue.

He said: ‘After Belfort was busted, her daughters voluntarily co-operated with the authorities. Because the daughters were innocent victims, the agreement may have provided for their legal costs to be reimbursed.’Joel Cohen, the attorney who prosecuted the case against Belfort, agrees the women knew nothing.

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Many scammers are very cunning, so being smart is NOT enough to protect yourself.

Leonardo Di Caprio is one of Hollywood's biggest stars - and he's certainly never been short of girlfriends.

We run through Leonardo's ladies (as he's currently wooing his 10th Victoria's Secret model - Nina Adgal) from Naomi Campbell to Giselle, Picture Editing: Sandra Waibl Model Bridget Hall and Leo were alleged to have hooked up as teens in New York in 1994.

There were private jets, luxurious properties, bodyguards, champagne, prostitutes and drug addiction.

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