Validating xml parser net

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Validating xml parser net - wanita itali berbadan gemuk sedang pesta ml d vila

XML is probably the most fundamental of today's core technologies for implementing distributed applications.

* pulldom: a DOM implementation that supports lazy instantiation of nodes.

Hi All, I am using DOMParser for Generating the XML.

Now I need to convert the Given XML into another type of XML using XSL Transformations.

This technique is useful for ensuring that dynamically-generated XML documents—such as those received or sent by a Web service, passed as a method argument or returned as the result of a database query—are as expected.

There are two different measures of correctness of an XML document: well-formed and valid.

As an open standard for structured, self-describing data, XML is ideal for cross-platform, language-neutral data representation in these applications.

This article demonstrates how to determine at runtime whether a string containing an XML document is valid, or adheres to the expected rules for document structure and syntax.

Till this point I am fine but I need to validate the output of Transformation.

The Sample snippet of the code when I am trying to valiadate the below-mentioned XML m_Feature(" true); m_Feature(" true); m_parser.parse(XML); I am getting the following error :

It also supports HTTP, RPC, and FTP, plus APIs in Python and XSLT.

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NET applications that cross traditional inter-organizational boundaries.