Validating numeric fields in cobol

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A task can contain several Logical Unit of Works in CICS. An application is a series of logically grouped programs to form several transactions which is used to complete a specific task for the end-user.a The five CICS system components described earlier are a convenient grouping of CICS system programs, each of which performs its own specialized functions.The core of CICS known as the CICS Nucleus which consists of IBM-supplied CICS Control Programs and Control Tables.

Today, 3270 emulation software is available which means that even normal PCs can be used as 3270 terminals.

CICS programs can be written in COBOL, C, C , Java, etc.

These days, users want information within seconds and in real time.

Data Warehouse is a repository of integrated information, available for queries and analysis.

Data and information are extracted from heterogeneous sources as they are generated....

CICS is a DB/DC system which is used in online applications.

CICS was developed because batch operating system can execute only batch programs.It has the following characteristics − A CICS program is invoked through a transaction.A CICS transaction is a collection of logically related programs in an application.To provide such quick service, we need a system which can process information online.CICS allows users to communicate with the back-end system to get the desired information.The whole application could be logically divided into several transactions.