Updating xml net

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Updating xml net

Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free .. Exists = False Then 'Create and return blank version of object Return System. Create Instance(new Type) End If 'Open file Dim stream As New File Stream(filename, File Mode.

Now, as already mentioned, this requires a bit more code than when using the Xml Writer, but imagine a situation where you just need to go into an existing XML document and change a few values. You are currently viewing the XML section of the Wrox Programmer to Programmer discussions. Add(new Family) 'Return Return new Family End Function 'Works with items collection as an array Public Property Families() As Family() Get 'New Array Dim family Array(Items. Copy To(family Array) Return family Array End Get Set(By Val Value As Family()) 'Reset array list Items. If Not Value Is Nothing Then 'process array and populate items Dim family As Family For Each family In Value Items. Create) 'Save object Save(stream) 'Close file stream.This is a community of tens of thousands of software programmers and website developers including Wrox book authors and readers. By joining today you can post your own programming questions, respond to other developers questions, and eliminate the ads that are displayed to guests. Add(family) Next End If End Set End Property End Class Serializable Data. Close() 'Remove existing file and rename temp file temp File Info. Delete() End Function 'Perform save Public Function Save(By Val stream As Stream) 'Create serializer Dim serializer As New Xml Serializer(Me. Serialize(stream, Me) End Function 'Load from file Public Shared Function load(By Val filename As String, By Val new Type As Type) As Object 'Verify file exists Dim file Info As New File Info(filename) If file Info.You can see this in the example, where the root element ("users") is appended directly to the document, while the user elements are appended to the root element.Attributes are of course appended to the elements where they belong, using the Append() method on the Attributes property.A blank space is not a valid character in an XML element name.

If a SQL identifier contains a space character, then in the corresponding XML element name, the space character is replaced by If the data in any of the select list columns in the query contains any characters with special meaning in XML (see Table 3-15), these characters are replaced with their corresponding entity encoding in the result XML document. NET handles the angle bracket characters in the column data: If a table or view name has any non-alphanumeric characters other than an underscore (_), the table or view name must be enclosed in quotation marks.

This allows the updates to be rolled back if there are any errors.

When these characters appear as data in an XML element, they are replaced with their equivalent entity encoding.

In the previous chapter, we wrote XML using the Xml Writer class.

However, for some situations, especially when doing updates of existing XML, using the Xml Document class can come in handy.

I want the form to show a varying number of family members and be able to add families that may have from one to five members. 'Members Public Family List As Family List Private _current Family Index As Integer 'Current Family Read Only Property Current Family() As Family Get Return Family List. Close() 'Return Return new Object End Function Public Shared Function Load(By Val stream As Stream, By Val new Type As Type) As Object 'Create serializer and load object Dim serializer As New Xml Serializer(new Type) Dim new Object As Object = serializer.