Updating jar file

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Updating jar file - lonely professionals dating site

I'm not quite sure what to specify on the command line. I then found a post on SO that said to extract the file from the jar archive, update it, and add it back to the jar archive.

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The exclude or excludesfile attribute is used to specify the files you want to have excluded. And finally with the defaultexcludes attribute, you can specify whether you want to use default exclusions or not.You can also use nested file sets for more flexibility, and specify multiple ones to merge together different trees of files into one JAR. An example use of this is provided in the Zip task documentation.The extended fileset and groupfileset child elements from the zip task are also available in the jar task. Please note that ZIP files store file modification times with a granularity of two seconds.The , (default) an empty JAR file (only containing a manifest and services) is created.(The Jar task is a shortcut for specifying the manifest file of a JAR file.I need to update the manifest in my jar file that I create (export) within Eclipse.

I've tried to follow this explanation without success.

However, I was able to solve this more or less by trial and error.

The Oracle docs that explain how to do this need lots of work. Anyway, for those who run into the same issues, here's what I did. "Manifest.txt") using Notepad that contains the manifest attributes I wanted to add/update.

In creating this file, I made sure to add a new line character to the last line by pressing the key on the keyboard.

Next, I created a DOS bat file to do the actual modification.

Please note that the zip format allows multiple files of the same fully-qualified name to exist within a single archive.

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