Updating gpg key ubuntu

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The keyring is kept in the file /etc/apt/(not to be confused with the related but not very interesting /etc/apt/trustdb.gpg).

apt-key is a program that is used to manage a keyring of gpg keys for secure apt.

For details on the format of the files Debian repositories please refer to the Repository Format page.

For detailed information on commands please refer to the man pages of the tools.

Secure apt is all about making apt verify the Release file before it does anything else with it, and plugging this hole, so that there is a chain of verification from the package that you are going to install all the way back to the provider of the package.

To plug the hole, secure apt adds a gpg signature for the Release file.

Public key cryptography is based on pairs of keys, a public key and a private key.

The public key is given out to the world; the private key must be kept a secret.Incidentally, both files are provided by the debian-archive-keyring package.A Debian archive contains a Release file, which is updated each time any of the packages in the archive change.A secure hash function (a type of checksum) is a method of taking a file and boiling it down to a reasonably short number that will uniquely identify the content of the file, even if people are deliberately trying to create a pair of different files with the same checksum or create a new file that matches a previous checksum.APT was originally designed around MD5 but people have since managed to construct collisions and so support for newer hash functions has been added.To check the signature, it has to know the public key of the person who signed the file.