Uc berkeley dating scene

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Uc berkeley dating scene

“There’s so many great people to meet on campus and interact with, but often you only know people in specific departments and programs,” Malan said.

For each topic, the incoming student’s drawing is pictured above, and the current student’s drawing is pictured below. An everyday UC Berkeley student Cal SO attendee Priya Sundaresh approached the topic from a more lighthearted perspective, depicting a cheerful young woman donning a Cal sweatshirt in front of the Campanile. Students tend to be exposed to the same people over and over again as they take more classes tailored to their majors or don’t even have enough time to consider the prospect of meeting new people.Now, however, UC Berkeley students have Single Sphere, a free dating website specifically for UC Berkeley students and alumni — launched just about a week ago — created by Harvard University alumna Lauren Malan.Students must submit their profiles and the profiles of their ideal matches to the website before March 24 in order for the “UC Berkeley Matchmaking Coalition” to set people up.Malan chose to bring Single Sphere to UC Berkeley, among other schools, because she knew people who expressed interest in the idea.And because most of them involve illicit substances and NSFW sexual positions, we've kindly taken three of the best and cleaned them up a bit for your maybe-reading-in-public-pleasure: "To the Norwegian [lady] i met at FIJI, [eating pixie sticks with] each other was great....especially when you did it off my [uh...

table...] with your mouth following by giving me the best [lecture on fallacies] I've had in past weekends.

I must know your name, mystery [mother I would like to get to know better].

To incoming freshmen, UC Berkeley is a daunting and novel universe.

Malan started Single Sphere for Valentine’s Day this year, and it originally targeted current students and alumni from Harvard.

Malan said that because it was so popular at Harvard, she and her team decided to open it at other schools as well.

Newly admitted students know little about the campus’s social and academic scene besides what they’ve read on College Confidential threads and in Facebook groups, while current students have had semesters of experience to adjust to UC Berkeley’s environment and can easily describe the multiple facets of college life.

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