Top swingers commercials

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The APRA operations manager, Anthony Healey, felt that the common thread that linked the songs was their 'innate New Zealandness'.These are songs you would hear 'playing on a jukebox in a country pub, at a summer barbecue', and they are the ones 'we sing along loudly with at the rugby'.

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Of course we saw a handful of prima donna players failing to report to camp because the multi-million dollar contract they signed two years ago apparently is not enough to feed their family.

One reason given by Mason was that local audiences at the time were unprepared for local bands to perform original material.

'Playing our own music would never have filled dance halls ...

One, Alana Campos, was in a movie with Robert De Niro and Morgan Freeman and was a ring girl for the Mayweather vs. Another, Clark Middleton Gilmer, had a small role in Argo with Ben Affleck and appeared on America's Next Top Model, How I Met Your Mother, CSI and Dexter.

Plaintiff Amber Lancaster is a host on the game show, Price is Right, and has appeared on television shows including CSI: Miami, Entourage and The Bold and the Beautiful.

That got me to remembering those “Leon” commercials Budweiser was airing a few years back.

You probably remember Leon as the self-absorbed athlete, speaking in the third-person, that was more concerned with his appearance and endorsements than winning a game.Call it a publicity stunt or not, Thatch will always be better known as ‘Leon’ than as a pitcher. Fox Sports blogged about this in 2006 when it happened. TAMPA — They're Playboy playmates and stars of reality shows, feature movies and video games.In honor of getting a little honesty back in our lives here is a collection of the 12 best Leon commercials.Note: At the bottom, read more about the actor who played Leon and subsequently was traded for 60 cases of beer. As Paul Harvey would say, “And now, the rest of the story”.In 2001, to celebrate 75 years of its existence, the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) invited its members and an academy to vote for what they believed to be New Zealand's top songs of all time.

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