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Time magazine online dating sites - dating places for lovers

Consider how we make decisions about people in the real world.

‘These basic elements give huge clues as to which tribe you belong to: hipster, retro rocker, fashionista, City boy.’ Background is also important.‘It makes a difference whether your photo is taken in the cooler parts of town like Dalston, down by the canal or in a bustling market,’ she says.She also helps clients to express their personality through the use of props such as hats, headphones, books, bicycles and cameras.There is plenty of evidence that pictures can tell us very effectively what someone is like, and what they share in common with us.For example, we can determine how trustworthy somebody is just by glancing at an image of their face.‘Science hasn’t yet figured out exactly what that “something” is,’ he says.

Is it possible to navigate the online dating world in ways that bring our intuition to the fore, to increase the chances of us finding someone we’re attracted to? This autumn, I’m launching a social experiment called 21Pictures that uses insights from the psychology of decision-making (in particular the interplay between rational analysis and intuitive action) to help people make better choices when dating online.Best of all, she advises being photographed ‘doing something you love, as that gives people a real insight, plus you’ll look relaxed and happy.’This doesn’t mean that written profiles are always opaque.A person’s writing style, for example, can tell us something about their level of education. Frequent use of the pronoun ‘I’ suggests a narcissistic personality; frequent use of swear words suggests neuroticism.Men tend to inflate their incomes and their height and knock a few years off their age (because they are often chasing younger dates).Women are more likely to show a younger or more flattering version of themselves in their pictures because they assume, rightly, that with the scarcity of more meaningful information, looks are at a premium.Despite the huge numbers of people in Britain using dating sites — some six million log on every month — only eight per cent of those in a relationship met their partner online, according to a You Gov survey carried out in December last year.

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