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The dating of phenomena in the past, such as the existence of a specific species of animal or the presence of humans, is always based upon the earliest and latest evidence discovered so far.When you think about it, it is obviously very unlikely that we will have discovered the absolute earliest or latest occurrence of anything in the past.

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The oldest human fossil in the area also dates to about 45,000 years ago, a thigh bone from Siberia, but this is sub-arctic (although nearby).

“The impact wounds on the bones with embedded stone fragments is conclusive evidence that people slayed this mammoth.” Scientists still remain cautious, as they should.

The carbon dating of preserved collagen dates to 45,000 old, but the scientists want independent verification to rule out contamination, because of the importance of the date.

Clearly humans were venturing far north, and were adapted to the very cold weather.

Scientists speculate that big game, such as the mammoth, is what lured early humans into the arctic.

There is now clear evidence that humans were hunting in the Arctic 45,000 years ago.

The oldest evidence for humans on the North American side of the Arctic are the bones of a buried 3-year old child in Alaska from 11,500 years ago.We’ll just have to wait and see what new discoveries tell us. Answering the question ‘If I were a marketer today what zag (general or category specific) would I make? We’re at a point where you don’t have to be a white guy in a white shirt and dark tie to set up a million user or billion dollar business, or become Head of Creative Technology in a respected creative agency (ahem), or send a rocket into space.The new find shows clear evidence of damage done by weapons such as spears.Science reports: “One can almost see the blow-by-blow battle between people and mammoth fought on those frozen plains,” says Curtis Marean, a paleoanthropologist at Arizona State University, Tempe, who was not involved with the study.The first is direct evidence – human fossils found in the location and dated to a specific time.