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And don't bother with shopping or static attractions first thing in the day—both will be much easier to visit later on, when everyone else is in line for the big-name attractions.

A little advance planning can help assuage those costs: Buy glow sticks, plastic bead necklaces and decorative pins beforehand, and pass them out to your group for events like evening fireworks and parades.

"You can schedule in some time to have dinner or lunch as a family in a sit-down restaurant in the park." If you want to do that at a park like the Magic Kingdom, be sure to make advance reservations; Disney starts accepting them 180 days before the date—and the most popular restaurants with character meet-and-greets are usually fully booked well in advance.

Start your research by visiting the park's own website, and then get tips from previous visitors at community-powered sites like (an unofficial guide to Disney) and Theme Park Pick a Strategic Day to Go While doing your research, you'll notice that many park websites offer advice on the best time and day to visit.

And remember, keep your cell phone on you at all times—not stashed in a backpack that may be with someone else in your party when you really need it. Use Your Digital Camera for More than Just Snapshots Before you leave your car, take a photo of the parking lot aisle number or sign ("Pluto 8" can be really hard to remember 16 hours later).

Also take photos of young children, so you'll have accurate information to give security officials if someone gets lost. Tackle the Park Like a Pro Once you get inside the park, it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the sights and sounds, and end up just following the herd from one attraction to the next.

The number is displayed on your phone and its battery correlates with your energy.

Long lines, overpriced food and hidden expenses—your theme park trip this summer could be filled with all of these not-so-fun things.

Lastly, wear comfy, broken-in shoes and bring along a product like Bodyglide Anti-Chafe Balm, which protects against rashes, chafing and blisters. Plan for the Worst With a park full of people, it's easy to lose track of someone, so make sure all the children in your group have a way to contact you in case of separation.

Write down your name and cell phone number and store it in a plastic bag that can be stuffed into the pocket of a pair of shorts.

For example, in addition to the cost of admission, Six Flags offers The Flash Pass starting at per person, Universal Studios Florida and Universal Islands of Adventure both offer Express Plus Passes starting at .99 per person, and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay offers Quick Queue starting at .95 per person.

If the additional cost of a pass isn't in your budget, you can monitor wait times via mobile apps, like Universal Orlando Wait Times, Ride Hopper and Sea World, for a more strategic approach to rides. Fight the Food Frenzy If the park allows outside food and drink, pack snacks, such as granola bars and crackers, and water bottles that you can refill using the park's fountains to save money between meals.

The idea is to get off your feet and recharge your batteries so you can return to the park a few hours later feeling refreshed and eager to enjoy the afternoon and evening, when other visitors are starting to wear down.

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