The new rules for love and dating

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The new rules for love and dating - Gratis chatcam norge

Knowing you as well as I do, it struck me as odd that you would write an entire book on the subject without addressing the LGBT community. AS: That’s a great question, and I’m glad you asked.When I taught this content to our churches, I met with about 13 of our attenders who are apart of the LGBT community.

RNS: You say that “love is unnatural.” A lot of people would say love is inherent to who we are as humans and one of the most natural things we can feel or express or do. AS: Love is natural in terms of a feeling, but not in terms of doing.

While the broader culture continues to fight over what “sexual morality” means, one thing is certain: Andy Stanley is determined not to sit this one out.

RNS: If these are the new rules for love, sex, and dating, what are some of the old rules that you don’t think work anymore?

Maybe you’re single and you’ve bought into that idea when looking for someone to date. Over the years I’ve talked to many, many couples—married couples, engaged couples, living-together couples, problem couples—and everyone in between.

Or maybe you’re married and you realize now that everything doesn’t just fall into place once you marry the “right” person. And here’s the thing: I’ve never talked to a married couple that had a marriage problem.

Our sexuality goes way beyond what is physical, and we see that especially in the realm of sexual abuse.

RNS: Word on the street is that your church is becoming “gay-friendly,” whatever that means.

AS: I don’t know that they are rules so much as assumptions.

One of the big assumptions I challenge is: As long as I’m in love and the chemistry is right, then everything is going to turn out right.

You used them in the same sentence, but they are different things.

The natural part of love is the feeling and chemistry part, but the doing part of love is unnatural.

I hope the primary takeaway of these teachings is that: [tweetable]people should focus on becoming someone instead of finding someone.[/tweetable] RNS: You say that “you are sexually compatible with far more people than you’re relationally compatible with.” What are you getting at?

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