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Following Ms Samsoe's friends' account of the stranger on the beach, detectives drew a sketch of the possible offender and a parole officer recognised him as Alcala.

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Samsoe's friends made a statement to police, saying a stranger came up to them on the beach, wanting to take pictures.The bachelorette, Cheryl Bradshaw, chose Alcala, but didn't follow through on the date because she thought he was a creep.Alcala lured his victims by telling them he was a professional fashion photographer.He was tried again after police found a different pair of earrings in the storage locker with DNA that matched Ms Lamb.By 2010 Alcala had been convicted of five murder charges and had a very bizarre appearance in court and defended himself, asking himself questions out loud.A handsome man, he was a depraved serial killer who preyed on young, attractive women.

He was sentenced to death over five murders he committed in the 70s and later confessed to 30 more, but it's believed he killed up to 130 people.

Now the life of the man who had an IQ of 160 will become the focus of a new movie by the same name.

The true crime show will star Scandal's Guillermo Diaz as Rodney Alcala and Carrie Preston from The Good Wife as the mother of one of his victims.

He had a sick fetish and often strangled his victims until they were unconscious. According to the LA Times, she was sexually assaulted, bludgeoned and strangled with a pair of jeans.

Only a month after that, Georgia Wixted, a 27-year-old nurse, was murdered and found in her Malibu home. Alcala got away with the murders and then appeared on The Dating Game in 1978, when Ms Bradshaw made the potentially lifesaving decision to dump him before she even dated him.

Alcala was already on parole for past sexual assaults and in 1971, before the five murders, he was one of 10 most wanted fugitives in the US.

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