The dating game archives

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The dating game archives

Jake and Leslie find themselves trapped while trying to stop a robbery in progress; When Mal discovers his son is missing, he and Des try to locate Jake before it's too late; Rose helps newly-returned Doyle daughter, Kathleen, with a problem from her past.

You would have to look up the ANU paper to get the details.

He anticipated that the ‘wilder races’ would become extinct because survival of the fittest meant they would be superseded by the evolutionarily-advanced ‘civilised’ races.

An evolutionary view of human origins underlies the World Heritage listing of the Lake Mungo site.

Created by Chuck Barris, each episode of the series features a bachelorette/bachelor who questions three bachelors/bachelorettes that are hidden from their view.

Questions range from a variety of topics like, “If we were to be married, what type of unusual wedding would you dream up?

And Australian archaeologists were still embarrassed by the Jinmium rock shelter fiasco, where a claimed age of 116,000 years was later reduced to 5,000 years. Like us, they descended from Noah and his family (Genesis 10).

That is why we won’t accept any date that contradicts the eyewitness evidence of human history recorded in the Bible. In short, the dates are wrong because they are based on wrong The uranium methods do not make the correct assumptions about the initial conditions of the samples or about the effects of changing environmental conditions through time. After the Flood, and after the confusion of languages at the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11), their ancestors migrated to Australia.

As the article documents, geologists have no qualms with rejecting dates they do not think are correct, no matter how much the different methods agree.

Has anyone done information gathering and a graph of abundance of elements and isotopes in the earths crust.

In other words, the interpretations are model-driven.

These sorts of ideas do not really alter the fundamental problem with isotope dating in that we have to make assumptions about the past and we can never know if those assumptions are valid or not.

The Aborigines of Australia lost some of their technological know-how—it can happen in a generation if parents do not pass it on to their children.