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Doing so can help ensure more accurate effect-size estimation of any resultant sex differences.

Resting blood pressure was taken three times, which ensured that none of the participants were hypertensive.

Each study participant provided self-report regarding recent depressive symptoms and sleep quality prior to completing a QST battery.

The QST battery included induced ischemia for the assessment of unidimensional pain sensitivity and CPM as a dynamic model of endogenous pain inhibition.

Prior to QST, participants completed the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale and the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index.

Analyses revealed significant sex differences for the ischemic pain task and the conditioned pain modulation procedure, such that women tolerated the ischemic pain for a shorter amount of time and demonstrated less pain inhibition compared with men.

Healthy men (n=24) and women (n=24) each completed a QST battery.

This battery included an ischemic pain task (IPT) that used a submaximal effort tourniquet procedure as well as a conditioned pain modulation (CPM) procedure for the assessment of endogenous pain inhibition.Because only the baseline data collected as part of this oxytocin study were used, there was therefore no effect from the oxytocin administration.Combining these data is further justified in that identical protocols for evaluating pain sensitivity and endogenous pain inhibition were used across studies.Whether interventions that decrease pain sensitivity and enhance pain inhibition in women ultimately improve their clinical pain outcomes is an area of research that deserves additional attention in the future.Keywords: sex differences, pain sensitivity, inhibition, depressive symptoms, sleep Common chronic pain conditions that are more prevalent in women than in men include migraine, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, temporomandibular joint disorder, and pain associated with rheumatic diseases.Methods Overview Data from this study were combined with the baseline data from a separate study that evaluated the influence of intranasal oxytocin on experimental pain sensitivity, endogenous pain inhibition, and mood states.

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