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All is revealed when "mitr" turns out to be none other than Prithvi himself. Sign up for your free Hyderabad chat account now and meet hundreds of Andhra Pradesh singles online!

He is chagrined that the new Lakshmi is no longer his doting, traditional wife: she is still affectionate, but has now learned the notions of space and tacit distance.

Prithvi understands both sides, and tries to cope with Divya's growing up, but not always with full cognizance of Lakshmi's feelings.

Things escalate one evening when Divya kisses her boyfriend Robbie outside her home.

Lakshmi is a typical South Indian girl from Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu; Prithvi is a software engineer working in California.

After the wedding, they move to the USA where Lakshmi gradually tries to fit into her new surroundings.

Lakshmi is overwhelmed by this, and Prithvi is also angered, because he feels that Lakshmi has acted in haste and mishandled the situation. Amid this storm, Lakshmi seeks a shoulder in an internet chat room, where she meets a "mitr" (Sanskrit: friend), with whom she is gradually able to share her thoughts and feelings.

This connection yields another result: "mitr" points out that Lakshmi is too committed to her family to relax or be happy for herself.The film takes a turn when Lakshmi, now alone at home, receives a call from the hospital. Divya realizes that she cannot cope with the vagaries and lack of commitment inherent in relationships with non-Indian people; she regrets her previous decisions and decides to return home.Mother and daughter spend some quality time and bond over Lakshmi"s narration of nostalgic stories about her arrival to a new life in the USA. The film builds to its climax when she asks, at Divya's urging, "mitr" to meet in person at the Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco.Lakshmi digests this and begins to explore her own interests in carpentry, dance, and hairstyling; she thereby establishes a new identity and personality for herself.She becomes fast friends with her new neighbors Steve (a computer security consultant) and his kid brother Paul."Mitr, My Friend" is a film about the plight of women who sacrifice their life for the betterment of their family.