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The two are still friendly and talk over LINE.”, according to an acquaintance of Kashiwagi. The members talk about their date plans for when they were in their teens, now that they're in their 20's and for when they become old~ :) Massu would take his girlfriend wherever she wants to go, even overseas, Tegoshi wants to be all lovey dovey in the snow, Koyama wants to hold hands with his wife even in front of his kids and Shige wants his wife to speak to him with Keigo?

So when she tweeted in the morning on Tuesday, fans rejoiced and sent her hundreds of supportive tweets. Looking back from now, all the punishments given to girls that violated the rule were nothing but reality-show method to build loyalty and a cult following around AKB48.” “I’ve never seen the girl on the right side before. Yukirin: “Let me explain about the photos.” Mayu: “Ew… ” Yukirin: “But wait, can you explain me about your instagram first?

The second is a desire to leave an impression on her by proving her that they’re notfair-weather fans.”“No matter how much fans press for an explanation for Bunshun’s article, I think they’d never provide one.

First one is a sense of emergency that their object of admiration might be gone.

But while fans are trying their best to avoid the touchy subject that is the scandal, folks on online forums are blatantly talking about the alleged affair: “These fans that are defending/supporting her is encouraging the girls and organization behind them to believe that it’s ok to ignore scandals, and by doing so, AKB48 is increasingly becoming a group where hard work won’t pay off — something completely different from what Takamina wants it to be.” The photo of Kashiwagi and Tegoshi embracing was taken about a year and a half ago in winter resort town Naeba and Hakone onsen.

Sanspo reports that photo magazine “FRIDAY” has revealed that Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (21) and J&A boyband NEWS member Yuya Tegoshi (26) have been on a “dating tryst”.

Plus recently, a fan caught sight of him walking around with a pretty foreign girl in Osaka.

Though the rumors did not confirm the fact about him actually having a girlfriend or not, they can prove that his love interest lays in the opposite gender. There were rumors about him dating some actress or female singers before.However, it was recently revealed that Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is dating SEKAI NO OWARI vocalist Satoshi Fukase (28) and now we’re getting reports that she is two-timing him by meeting with another man, Tegoshi.Social media can be a tricky thing, even trickier if you happen to be the wildly famous Tsuabasa Masuwaka (she's a singer and model, sigh, jealousy).You are not stupid enough to upload a video without checking the audio, are you?Thanks to you Tegoshi has lost tons of precious fans," and "Isn't that Instagram terrible? Even if you are the aggressive Tsu-chan (Masuwaka), you should still be more considerate."The rumors were not even true.I had no idea if that girl liked me as well but in elementary school people who were fast at running were popular right?