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A technique used by makers of Artist Bears and some Traditional Teddy Bear Manufacturers such as Steiff to add facial and other details to a Teddy Bear, achieved by spray painting over the often clipped plush by an Airgun using compressed air.

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Celluloid is an Early Plastic type material made from Pyroxylin, derived from Cellulose, and Camphor.It is often possible to assist identification of a Teddy Bear by the Style of Nose Stitching.A Bat Wing Nose is a distinctive type of stitching that droops down at the sides resembling the wings of a Bat.Burlap or Hessian is a coarse cheap fabric woven from the natural materials Hemp or Jute that was often used in blankets and sacks in the War time.Particularly during times of material shortages Soft Toys such as Teddy Bears were sometimes made from this material.Bear Makers often cut the Mohair on Teddy Bear's faces short particularly around the muzzle or eyes to improve the appearance of a Teddy Bear.

Sometimes this is referred to as a form of Facial Sculpting.Teddy Bear Factories such as Steiff and Merrythought have done this with great success particularly since the 1980s.Often these Bears commemorate an important Date such as the Steiff Titanic Bear and Coronation Bears.Depending on the morals of the seller sometimes Antiqued Bears are passed off as the original items when in fact they are faked reproductions.However, for most serious Teddy Bear Collectors the authenticity of a Bear and the true effects of Age are easily recognised.Teddy Bear manufacturers such as Steiff recognised that these made an ideal Teddy Bear Eye.

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