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Tank dating - ibs dating

I did have a fun time though and again, this was a real funny game.

Ok, perhaps that is an exaggeration, you are dating a collection of stereotypical anime styled girls, who bear the names of famous tanks, such as the American M4 Sherman and the Soviet T-34.“Some” people have accused the game of being “sexist“, “offensive“, “objectifying” and “triggering“.And I have to say that I find that to be rather saddning, because what has the world come to when you can´t even make a Tank dating simulator without having people up in arms over its existence?Perhaps the best way to summarise The basic plot of the game involves you the player, in the role of Erwin Lemmor, a recent transfer student to the a unnamed prestigious military academy to study Armoured Warfare.Of course low and behold, the academy is not an institute devoted to the study of armoured warfare but rather a literal “Tank School” for tanks of the Second World War.And just earlier today I got the chance to witness such an example live before my very eyes. And that’s probably why (so far the user reviews are very positive).

Especially since there already exist sother games and animes that use the same concept (military vehicles and warships that look like females). That IP is So I was not all that much surprised to find out that DEVGRU-P´s “Panzermadels: Tank dating simulator” did really well on Kickstarter last year (182 backers pledged ,379 in total on the 19th of June, 2015).

Besides, it seems like those who don´t like “Panzermadels” automatic assume that it´s just straight males who have bought the game (that´s the vibes that I felt on social media at least).

Sure, I don´t have the sales numbers for “Panzermadels” when it comes to males Vs females picking up the game.

Only you can decide in, “Panzermadels: Tank Dating Simulator”.” Yes, that´s the actual product deprecation for “Panzermadels: Tank dating simulator” (you can watch the release trailer further down the page).

Dating simulators are an interesting genre, with fairly a simple design to follow they are effectively limited only by the imagination of their creator.

I mean, does this sound harmful, sexist or evil game to you?

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