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Since winning season 2, lively swing dancer Benji Schwimmer has partnered with his cousin Heidi (also on season 2) to create instructional videos for swing dancing.

As part of his prize for winning SYTYCD Season 4, Allen appeared as a featured dancer in Step Up 3D, along with fellow finalists Katee Shean and Stephen 't Witch' Boss. In 2010, Allen took part in Season 2 of Oxygen's Dance Your Ass Off as one of the show's pros.I’m not a huge fan, but I know I’d get hate mail if I left it off the list. is the winner of the fourth season of So You Think You Can Dance.He had originally auditioned in Dallas, Texas with his friend and fellow contestant, Comfort Fedoke.Allen was announced winner of the show on August 7, 2008, winning 0,000.kicks off its eleventh season on Wednesday, and while the series can't be said to be in its prime anymore — the judges don't really critique anymore, and the whole enterprise might be well served by starting the competition at 16 dancers rather than the traditional 20 — it's still your go-to program if you're looking for top-notch dancing on TV.

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He’s also worked with Paula Abdul, both as a choreographer and as a dancer.

In 2010, he starred in a competitive dancing film called Contemporary dancer Sabra Johnson aspires to be on Broadway one day, but for now, her focus has been on teaching.

OTHER KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS: F = Add to Favorites X = Play/Pause, C = Slow Down, D = Slower Z = Rewind-5, V = Fast-Forward-5Thanks, 2016Another fantastic routine by Katee and Joshua, you don't want to miss this one I'm telling you. and I gotta say their culture is awesome and I really enjoyed this dance!

The green plus sign adds videos to your queue The yellow star adds videos to your favorites! Of course we all know where Bollywood originates from, INDIA!

Joshua has also been featured as a dancer on numerous TV shows, including Community and American Horror Story.

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