Symantec endpoint protection client not updating management server

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Symantec endpoint protection client not updating management server - dating shes too emotional and sensitive

The ‘URL from Server’ gives the internal and external URLs of the address book service.You can test the address book via the web service using the Test-Cs Address Book Service and Test-Cs Address Book Web Query cmdlet’s.

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You can find the address book file store path by looking at the ‘File store’ property of the Lync pool in the Topology Builder (just right-click on the pool name and it is in the left-hand pane).

The solution here is to delete your existing local Lync address book files and force the download of new ones from the server: I have seen this work many times in production deployments.

Jeff Schertz has an excellent blog entry on the process that is used to update the Lync address book and how to force the Lync clients to update – see Updating the Lync 2010 Address Book.

This is the same file store that also contains the: A good first troubleshooting step is to see if the machine where the Lync client is running can access the Lync address book file share.

The Address Book Web Service The Lync address book also contains a web service, and some clients (such as Lync devices) can use it instead of downloading the address book files.

You can read more about the available VMWare network adapter types here: Choosing a network adapter for your virtual machine.

At a high level the server-side Lync address book consists of a Lync address book files and a web service.

The Test-Cs Address Book Web Query cmdlet is more in-depth and tests searching and returning information.

The Test-Cs Address Book Service cmdlet tests the ability of a specific user to access the address book server, and can be used as follows: You will need to assign the credentials for example_user to the Power Shell variable $my Cred by first doing: $my Cred = Get-Credential.

4] VMWare Network Adapter Preventing Access or Causing Sluggish Performance to the Address Book File Share If you are using VMWare images for either the Lync Front-End or where you are Lync address book file share resides, and are having address book synchronization issues, you should check that your virtual NIC emulator type is set to VXNET3.

Problems have been seen when this is set to other emulator types such as E1000.

network access), permissions, or address book configuration on the Lync server.

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