Svn resource out of date try updating

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Svn resource out of date try updating - ratings of online dating sites

The merge appears to work okay; however, the commit fails with the following error message.

I have done some more research into this and I think part of the problem is user error.Instead you should leave your working revision at the head, and use the revert/merge tool (or drop new content) to remove the change which would be applied to your working version.I have recently run into a particularly sticky issue regarding committing the result of a merge in subversion.You can't just decide to revert by commiting and out of date copy from another wc.You have to update the file and pull out the previously made changes or you need to do a reverse merge to file the revision in the repository. I'm on a team that has an android project that is running into an SVN out of date error.

Let me know if I don't post the question correctly, or if I'm missing something that needs to be added in to the explanation.That would give the behaviour described, wouldn't it? The src code is on revision 2, but I had a file that messed up, so I reverted it to revision 1. If you where working on version 2, and dropped a copy of the version 1 file over it, then there will be no update or need to resolve conflicts.$ svn commit -m "comment" Sending svn: E160042: Commit failed (details follow): svn: E160042: File or directory 'pom.xml' is out of date; try updating svn: E160024: resource out of date; try updating $ svn info Path: . Did svn change an existing revision of a file with my change without updating any metadata? If your working copy is out of date (or you have local modifications) and you want to see the HEAD revision of a file in your working copy, svn cat -r HEAD FILENAME will automatically fetch the HEAD revision of the specified path: My working copy is definitely up to date.Working Copy Root Path: working/dir URL: https://not.relevant Repository Root: https://not.relevant Repository UUID: xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx Revision: 11943 Node Kind: directory Schedule: normal Last Changed Author: otherguy Last Changed Rev: 11856 Last Changed Date: 2012-01-04 0100 (Wed, ) And it shows the merged version of the file! There is of course the slight possibility of my change already existing in HEAD (added by otherguy), so that after the update, my change would be redundant.As stated before we have tried updating the project, checking it our brand new, and everything that should work, but none of it seems to make the out of date error go away.

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