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Yet what might surprise you is the gender of the majority of Dirksen’s date-coaching customers: female.

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"Hopefully in the long run, they can be able to have a relationship or something."Slightly more than two hours after it started, the last group of couples part ways. It was good."High energy and positive experience are some of the terms used by Candace Reilly to describe her evening."It's hard to meet men; meet some interesting people and we did," she said.

As we sit at the table of Keliann Ouimet, 27, she said she liked the experience of meeting new people."It was something new to try and you can meet a bunch of different people. For her, it was a better experience than the bar or web scene."I don't like the bar scene and I hate Internet dating so I think this was much better," she said."There was a whole lot of different people, all types of people. Thirty-year-old Josh Acton sits at a table with a friend.

A surplus of women and a shortage of men should be ingredients for women having their pick of dudes. What Singh and his partners did not expect, however, was their gender challenges.

And yet, Dirksen and others say they are not seeing that in Edmonton. “Everyone was surprised we had so much trouble finding male daters, not women,” Singh says.

It was a nice little experience," he said."Everybody's got their own personality.

Sometimes five minutes is a little quick."Speed dating is better than both the Internet and bar scene, he suggests, although he hasn't really tried online dating."We're all here for the same reasons - just to have a good time and make conservation," he said.About a year ago, Shawna Dirksen launched Wundermeet, a matchmaking company in Edmonton. “We had clients who were getting that first date, online or otherwise, who were just unable to get that second or third date, and wondering what was happening,” Dirksen says. “It’s like a personal trainer, only for dating,” she says.Prices start at 9 for women and 9 for men, while base matchmaking services start at 9.The women would stay at a table while the men rotated tables for a chance at meeting them.At the end of the evening, organizers would look at everyone's scorecard and provide the email addresses to the couples with matching scores.She says her problem is partly created by a lack of men, and partly by a lack of what she calls “quality.” “I’m sad to say the Alberta Male, who can certainly be kind hearted and good looking, lacks the worldliness and culture I so desire,” she says.