Sophos 10 configure updating greyed out

22-Apr-2015 03:33 by 4 Comments

Sophos 10 configure updating greyed out - Menim seks dersim

If it's any consolation, I just did a fresh install of Shopos last night and it's not updating. The only issue that I see is that if they are configured differently, I cannot change it as the settings are locked out. Adam Normally I recommend uninstalling and reinstalling.

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When I tried to do that I was greeted with a message that stated that I did not have the necessary Sophos Administrator level to remove it.

Often times experimentation can lead to a greater problem. Trust me this is not so much experimentation, this is basic troubleshooting.

Worst case scenario, I have to dump the OS and reinstall all the programs (not hard, just requires time), but I am hopeful that someone has encountered a solution to the problem.

nothing like needing to make sure that it works when a general authority is here.

Oh well, I guess if does not go well, then they can release me Adam Sophos on the clerk's computer in my home ward hasn't updated for many months.

We forced a program update to version 10 (this issue existed before the forced update from 9.5), but it cannot connect to the servers to get the virus definitions.

I have included a text log of the output for the update attempt.

We cannot provide that procedure in these forums because doing so violates the Code of Conduct that says; "You may not post . They can verify who you are and your calling, we cannot.

After our stake clerk's computer refused to update Sophos for nearly a year, I worked with the GSC to uninstall and reinstall Sophos, but it didn't work.

I think I did force it to upgrade to Sophos 10, but that didn't fix it.

I tried uninstalling Sophos using the utility provided by the GSC, and then reinstalling Sophos 10, but that didn't fix it. Maybe I will call the GSC this afternoon to see if they can figure out why Sophos can't connect to the Sophos update server.

This post is being done from the very computer that cannot connect to the server to find the Sophos update.