Six degrees of dating imdb

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Six degrees of dating imdb - who is zac efron dating vanessa hudgens

* Christopher Lee averages 2.774 "hops" from every other actor. A few other "better centers" than Kevin Bacon: * Kiefer Sutherland: 2.919 hops * Kurt Russell: 2.893 * Dean Stockwell: 2.813 * James Hong: 2.822 * Harrison Ford: 2.839 * Brad Pitt: 2.905 * Michael Douglas: 2.933 * Julia Roberts: 2.896 * Jodie Foster: 2.894 * Al Pacino: 2.906 * Robert De Niro: 2.803 I could probably keep going, but it looks like Kevin Bacon's movie choices in the last few years are hurting six degrees of Kevin Bacon players. Then I discovered something: James Hong, who plays the counterpart of Jack Palance in T&C, has the most impressive IMDB profile I've ever seen.

Cue up "The Thing." So, as 2009 has been particularly awful for me (see above paragraph), I've been wallowing with Kurt.Not one of his best movies, admittedly, but it's loveably stupid and that's what I needed. Which got me thinking: is there anyone with more roles than this guy? Granted, a lot of them are tantamount to "Asian Guy," but he's worked tirelessly since the mid-50s and has the perfect storm of bit parts needed for a profile this unfathomably long. I'm assuming you mean individual line entries for different roles? Cue up "The Thing." So, as 2009 has been particularly awful for me (see above paragraph). :( I got nuthin' - I seriously doubt Kevin Bacon comes close, even with all of his interconnectedness, but I do bet that someone like lissener or another film buff can comment on what character actors are all over the place... Okay, dopers, without peeking, who is Steven Zirnkilton?Then I discovered something: James Hong, who plays the counterpart of Jack Palance in T&C, has the most impressive IMDB profile I've ever seen. Because Richard Whiteley has 4,567 entries ( on IMDb, but 3,983 of them were of individual episodes as the host of "Countdown."Let's start by saying I'm an unashamed, unironic Kurl Russell fan and, in times of trouble, I use his movies as a narcotic. Morbo's right: I'm looking for individual roles here, so, though I applaud the out-of-the-box-nicity of pornstars, narrators, voice actors, and game show hosts. Adolf Hitler (yes, that Adolf Hitler) has 407 IMDB credits. Probably not what you were looking for, but it often shocks and surprises people.The writer John Guare was a friend of Inger Mc Cabe Elliott and her husband Osborn Elliott.In October 1983, Hampton came to the Elliott's New York apartment and they allowed him to spend the night.In the end, Paul has a profound effect on the many individuals who encounter him, linking them in their shared experience.

The film has an approval rating of 88% at Rotten Tomatoes based on 32 reviews.

I don't mind if our actors have a few of the abovementioned roles (Hong did a voice in "Kung Fu Panda," for example), but I'd rather that those weren't the bulk of the work. For the record, Richard Whiteley more than doubles Johnny Carson.

Found this list ( "most prolific," but none are individual credits (most just being hundreds if not thousands of appearances on the same show)Walt Disney ( has a lengthy list as producer, the people above him on the list of prolific producers whose lists are actually longer are producers of shorts in the very early day of cinema. I've heard that Christopher Lee, not Kevin Bacon as is usually thought, is actually the centermost vertex on the actor connectedness graph.

Paul is a skillful con-artist, who mysteriously appears at their door one night, injured and bleeding, claiming to be a close college friend of their Ivy League kids, as well as the son of Sidney Poitier.

Ouisa and Flan are much impressed by Paul's fine taste, keen wit, articulate literary expositions and surprising culinary skill.

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