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They are searching for evidence that they are a man.When discussing whether a son is ready to become sexually active, parents could focus on the following questions: If there is any disagreement about it being the right time for sex, then having sex is a serious no-no. Coercion is coercion and may be illegal if it can be interpreted as putting inappropriate pressure on a partner.

It is also as well for a boy to be reminded that a well-executed kiss can be infinitely more arousing for a girl than a grope. He needs to know what goes into what and what can happen if it does.Dayanthi speaks fluent French, English as well as her native Sinhalese.It’s the conversation parents have to have; but talking to your son about sex can be both difficult and embarrassing. In this exclusive book extract, Dr Tim Hawkes reveals how you can navigate your way with ease.A condom may protect from pregnancy, but it can’t protect from regret.So our sons need to be careful about rushing in and losing their virginity, and they need to be careful about taking another person’s virginity.It has been suggested that boys are driven more by lust than by love and are more interested in conquest than commitment. What many boys are looking for is not just sexual satisfaction but a degree of intimacy that parents – even the most loving and devoted of parents – cannot give them.

A boy needs to love and be loved, not just within the home, where affection is unconditional, but outside the home, in the beguiling world where acceptance is conditional – on looks, character, values and a host of other factors that lead us to make judgements about one another.

Dayanthi joined Fipra in 2011 and is Head of HR and Administration at Fipra International.

Based in our Brussels office, Dayanthi came to Fipra from the London Probation Trust where she worked for 2 years in the Administration department.

The age of consent for sex differs between countries. In some Muslim countries, sex is illegal unless the parties are married to each other.

Therefore, inter-cultural liaisons can be problematic when travelling overseas, so great care is needed.

Teenage sex can be a social and emotional minefield for boys, so it is essential that parents ensure they are well prepared.