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have yet to prove their box-office appeal; only director Zhang has accomplished this, but without battle scenes or such international stars as Gong Li, Chow Yun-Fat, Zhang Ziyi and Jet Li, can even Zhang assure box office success? The Treasure Hunter Chinese title: "Ci Ling"《刺陵》 Release date: December 9 Director: Chu Yen-ping Principal cast: Jay Chou, Lin Chi-ling, Chen Daoming, Eric Tsang : Jay Chou's presence: this pop music megastar has a fan base that practically guarantees some box office for any movie in which he appears.

The setting of central Hong Kong has been reconstructed from scratch on a scale of 1:1, at the most generous financial outlay for a Chinese language film in recent years.Time will tell how successful these are, and when (if ever) they have theatrical release in the West, but here are the 10 most anticipated Chinese movies slated for holiday release.(Release dates are for general release in China; some may have earlier limited release.) We will look more closely at each of these films and their makers in upcoming posts, including details on their filming and interviews with their makers from the Chinese entertainment media.For the story line of his latest effort, Ning's first New Year's release deals with poaching in China's west, another in the growing trend of setting productions in that harsh region.With its attractive subject matter and Ning Hao's past successes, "No Man's Land" should get its share of holiday box office.: Success or failure may rely on performances, especially from those who are relative screen newcomers.

Although indeed a cast of stars, not all are film stars, and some of those in the cast may be there because of their box office potential, and not necessarily because they were most suited to their role: two examples are ethnic Mongolian basketball star (and former US NBA player) Ba Te Er and Chinese pop singer Li Yuchun [aka Chris Lee]. No Man's Land Chinese title" "Wu Ren Qu" 《无人区》Release date: December TBA Director: Ning Hao Principal cast: Xu Zheng, Huang Bo, Yu Nan : Ning Hao's dark comedy "Crazy Stone" created a frenzy among young Chinese filmgoers, and his follow-up comedy "Silver Medalist" easily broke through the CNY100 million [US.5 million] threshold.But final judgement will be made by Chinese audiences who have experienced super-scale Hollywood productions, and that could make it difficult to sell the million or so tickets needed for profitability. A Simple Noodle Story : Whether good or bad, in recent years any film directed by Zhang Yimou has had considerable domestic box-office appeal, and the producers have already boasted this Chinese remake of "Blood Simple" will bring in CNY400 million [US.5 million].While some observers think this exaggerated, no one can ignore the box office potential of a Zhang movie.: Work on "Mulan" began just after the 2009 Lunar New Year with director Ma Jingle putting together a strong team of talent to make this costume war movie.The star of the team, the biggest draw, is Vicki Zhao, a major figure in Chinese film and TV over the past decade.: At present, Ning Hao has not done much publicity work for the film, so it's not known if he has continued his successful past narrative technique with this one.