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Although he was not able to perform in Koyote's mini album "Return", he was the photographer for the mini album photos. He was raised in Annandale, Virginia area before being discovered.

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Baek also works as a photographer in addition to being a musician.In the picture, Shinji is brightly smiling and posing V, capturing the fan’s attention with her slim body line and rising beauty.Even more, she presented the 1990’s fashion style by wearing snapback, stripe overalls, huge check patterned sleeved shirts on her waist.He made his debut on the sixth album of the group, taking on the role of the rapper in Koyote.In December 2009, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor while serving his mandatory time in military.He is also known for being a popular mainstay of many Korean variety shows, such as KBS's Heroine 6 and SBS' Love Letter.

In 2006, he won the Best Entertainer Award at the KBS Drama Awards.

In April 2011, after years of performing as a group, Kim released his debut EP "Oppa Find Strength".

Shin Ji (신지) (born November 18, 1981) is the only original member remaining in the group since Koyote debuted.

She is the main female vocalist of the group, as well as an actress and variety show star.

In the comedy series "Unstoppable High Kick", Shin played the role of a divorcee whose ambition is to become a music composer.

The group debuted in 1999 with Shin Ji, Cha Seung-min, and Kim Goo.

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