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The 1998 film Urban Legend featured student discussing popular urban legends while at the same time falling victim to them.

For this reason, it is characteristic of groups within which a given narrative circulates to react very negatively to claims or demonstrations of non-factuality; an example would be the expressions of outrage by police officers who are told that adulteration of Halloween treats by strangers (the subject of periodic moral panics) is extremely rare, if it has occurred at all.The compelling appeal of a typical urban legend is its elements of mystery, horror, fear or humor. antecedent legends including some of the motifs, themes and symbolism of these urtexts can readily be identified.Cases in which there is some likelihood that at least a partial inspiration has been located include "The Death Car" (traced by Richard Dorson to Michigan, United States); The urban legend that Coca-Cola developed the drink Fanta to sell in Nazi Germany without public backlash originated as the actual tale of German Max Keith, who invented the drink and ran Coca-Cola's operations in Germany during World War II. Many urban legends depict horrific crimes, contaminated foods, or other situations which would potentially affect many people.Persistent urban legends often maintain a degree of plausibility, for instance a serial killer deliberately hiding in the back seat of a car.One such example since the 1970s has been the recurring rumor that the Procter & Gamble Company was associated with Satan-worshippers because of details within its nineteenth-century trademark.As in the case of myth, these narratives are believed because they construct and reinforce the worldview of the group within which they are told, or "because they provide us with coherent and convincing explanations of complex events".

Recently, social scientists have started to draw on urban legends in order to help explain complex socio-psychological beliefs, such as attitudes to crime, childcare, fast food, SUVs and other "family" choices.

These include the story that Orson Welles began work on a Batman movie in the 1940s, which was to feature James Cagney as The Riddler and Marlene Dietrich as Catwoman; The capacity of the internet to spread rumors has been used in marketing, for instance with the low-budget film The Blair Witch Project, which was advertised as if it were about a genuine urban legend, rather than a work of original fiction.

Not the scary, bloody ones, but the funny ones that involve sex in some way, given a gay hardcore spin !

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