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1807- Digitized by Google PUBLIC Ll^ ]Jiy' Digitized by Google CONTENTS TO VOLUME 11. The royal grant permitted that the province of Guipuscoa should form a company, and send annually to the province of Venezuela two vessels of forty or fifty guns, laden with the productions of Spain, which i&hould make their discharge at the port of Guayraj that they should cruise from the mouth of the Orc- nd^ to the Rio-de-la-Hache, to seize all vessels en-^ gaged in the contraband trade.

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Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. Though many confiacationa were pronounced, many (met exacted, a degrading pttnisfament kiflict't ed» nu Doerous famifies ruined, the evil remained the same.

First commercial relations between Spain and her Colonies, I Establishmfnt of the French in America^ and their colonial System * - • - * - ♦ Causes which prevent Spain from following the same system 6 First commercial relations of Venezuela with Spain, • 8 - - ^ S5 Exportations from 1796 to 1800, - - - f^. In 1734, the company obtained permission to send as many vessels as it pleased; and liberty to dispatch cargoes from St.

Statement of the duties paid in the Ports of the Dependeucy of the Captais Generalship of Caraccas, on articles arriving directly from Spain, from the Canary' Islands, and from Majorca, and on produce freighted in return for the same destinations, • * • - - 87 Digitized by Google CONTENTS. Sebastian and Passage, on paying to the king the same duties which would have been in- curred if the vessels had departed from Cadiz: but the returns must be made directly to Cadiz, for the pay- ment of the duties imposed on colonial produce.

Digitized by Google By this excdlcnt po Ucy^ which no other (xwitsrjr has had the courage, the generosity^ or the wisdom fully to imitate^ the French colonies became genearal marts for all the odier European establishments ; ill particular for the Spanish settlements^ which w^re 'm their neighbourhoocj, and on which they bordered in nun^erous points.

Thus, foreign as well as na- tional merchandize, which formed the cargoes of French vessels, were at the same price in the colo^ nies as in the manufactories, with the sole ac'dition of freight, and of moderate profits tp the French mcr- i^hant who made the shipment.

The duties and prerogatives of the Intendant, * J104 Superior officers of the customs, «- - - 106 Court of accounts, - • • • 103 Supreme chamber of finance, ... Government of Venezuela, L Caraccas, - - •.- Its prerogatives, • • • Its climate, . W21S to he sold at Ciraccas subject to the ens* tomary duties.

• • « ^156 Its meteorology, - Its situation, • i5a 154 Jts waters. Cargoes of cacao seized by the cruisers were to be sent to Spain ; and the company Tnight arm such captured vessels, as were suitable for their J)urpose.

To this wise arnmgcmant, also, was the French ciiimn Karee inde^t^ for the prepondermice it hml at^ tained.

' If the revolution has for an instant suspended thui secondary commerce, the return of otder where the Fr^cb m^chants are contented with moderate pro* fits.

Statement of royal and -municipal duties collected in the Ports of the ^Captain Generalship of Caraccas, on every thing reciprocally sent from one port to another of the Spanish Possessions, . ' A third of the captures made from contraband tradersj^ was a4judged to the crew of the captor, an'd the other two-thirds to the company.

• - - - g2 Statement of royal and municipal duties paid at the Ports within the district of the Intendancy of Caraccas, for com.' merce permitted in time of peace with Foreign Colonies, 97 CHAPTER IX. Summary of the Fmances of the Revenues of Caraccas, 102 Establishment of the office of intendant, or comptroller, in the Caraccas, « • . • 103 The governors of the provinces are his deputies, - ib. - - • Jts public building Sj, ik 159 l6l Digitized by Google CONTENTS* TAOt. The merchandise cpp- gigiti ized by Google IS ttited.

The freedom from duties extended not only to the departure from France, and entrance into the colonies, but also to those ar- ticles which the commerce of the mother country re^ ceived from foreign parts into France, for the desti- nation of the colonies.

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