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Sure, Antonio Ross attempts to channel Jim Carry's Riddler instead of Ian Mc Kellen's Magneto but ends up being neither funny nor scary.

But another evil Mutant, ' The Kid' (Cindy) has seen the error of her ways and spills the beans to April in return for some lesbian action.Meanwhile, two other X-Girls (who remain unidentified but are played by Nikki Rider and Tera Bond) are practicing in the Danger Room and decide to use the holographic marvel to play out their fantasies involving the professor.Antoan sends Vanessa (Nikky Blond) down to Earth to fetch the Professor's walking stick.Likewise, Horst Baron has swapped the dark side for the good and plays the noble Professor Heart (as in ' X').In between all the lengthy sex scenes there are some impressive CG effects (though some do look like leftovers from the earlier Jodi vs Seth trilogy), interesting costume design and even a couple of nice fight scenes.They also went all they way with the X-Men/Spider-man/Hulk molecule filled opening credits and comic book frames a la the classic A-Ha music video ' Take On Me'.

All in all the production values are quite impressive for a film of this kind but, like other Fraserside productions, none of the principal actors are native English speakers.

The reason he's all the way up here is so Prof Heart can't find him with Xerebro.

Meanwhile Yoko is receiving a tour of the X-Mansion from April (Katalin) which ends with her meeting the all powerful Professor.

Yoko is not allowed to join in (remember, she kills people with her body) but when she joins Heart on the Minister's yacht, he decides she should use her special gift to lure Antoan into a trap while he takes on Vanessa.

Being the heroic type, Heart also puts himself at risk by doubling up with his arch nemesis on Yoko.

And this time Curtis would take place in the directors chair.